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Me HatJ Carlo Gorgone is a Jack-of-all-trades living in northern New Jersey. Part Sorkin- and Sedaris-worshipper, jazz and blues enthusiast, and video gamer, J Carlo enjoys interacting with other like-minded individuals on the Web and in the streets to alter his generation’s collective consciousness. When he’s not inciting a riot about healthcare, listening to his original print Mack The Knife: Ella in Berlin LP, or mixing killer Old Fashioneds, J Carlo works as a proofreader and freelance Web developer. He can also be found volunteering for various community projects including serving as Communications Director and Board Member to the nonprofit Inter Club Facchetti.

J Carlo is also a published author; his work has appeared in Diverse Voices Quarterly. He hopes to write the great American novel someday, the likes of which Twain and Melville could never have imagined.


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